Reverend Cathy DeLauter

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Introduction of "The Work" of Byron Katie

"The Work" is a simple, yet powerful technique, that helps to transform the thoughts that cause suffering. Through a series of interactive exercises, video demonstrations and personal exploration, students will use "The Work" to bring happiness and peace to their life. You might ask, How is this different from the former Tuesday (drop-in Class)at ICSG? The more structured format of this class will allow for more continuity & more trust, providing a space to go deeper to allow for a release from stories that may be holding you back. Additional experiential exercises and videos will be provided with this class. In addition, we will read & discuss the book, Loving What Is.

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Application of "The Work" of Byron Katie

Practice using the simple inquiry process of questioning stressful thoughts. This seminar is a continuation of interactive exercises and personal exploration based on the morning's Introductory session. The class is designed to give participants more personal attention and experience in using "The Work". Must either have attended the morning session or have prior experience using "The Work".

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Byron Katie Study Group

I currently lead an ongoing, drop-in Byron Katie Inquiry/Study Group where we apply The Four Questions and Turnaround to a Stressful Thought.

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